Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Journal Swap

I joined a swap with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Here is the journal I created. This is the front cover. I found an embroidery hoop with a wood grain finish and it worked perfect for the clock. There is plastic on the hoop to enclose it and I placed watch parts inside. So they move around like a shaker box. I made the clock face on the computer. The journal is made from a book and I took out the pages from the inside. Covered the the spine, front and back with papers and bookbinding cloth. I made a compartment to hide a card. From the front of the book you see a "pull here" tab when the card is in and the book is closed. In the picture above the card is pull out for viewing.
The spine has a bottle and I placed a "drink me" tag on it. I also placed some clear charms on the spine. The inside end papers are more decorative papers and the signatures are placed in the binder mechanism for easy removal.
The card on the right in this photo is the actual invitation to the swap. Pretty cool isn't it? I found those white roses in the wedding section at Hancock Fabrics. They are on netting and made from ribbon. Loved them and thought they would work great in my journal, but I could also use them in another book.
The little book on the right of this page is one that the hosts put together for us participants. It tells us who we are passing the journals to each month and the timeline to keep us on track, and other important info we need.
This is my "sign-in" page. Each person that works in my journal will decorate a teapot, then place it in the harlequin patterned pocket. I also typed up a greeting and directions for working in my book. I left it open and the participants can do any technique they want.

We swapped last Monday so I received my friend Donna's journal, and will work on it this week, I hope. We have a month to complete the books each time we switch. Should be plenty of time to get them done. Of course life sometimes gets in the way, and you never know when you might get behind. I will post her journal after I work in it.