Monday, October 29, 2012

November House Mouse Card

Here is the House Mouse card for November. Lots of bubbles going on!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mask, Little Halloween Books & Other Fun Stuff

 This is the mask I received back from the swap at the Wicked Tea (Paper Cowgirl) last weekend. Kristi Day made it from grunge paper. She covered the front with paper and waxed it. The flower and feathers clip on. I really liked it!
 I had started this Halloween book several years ago. Never finished it till now! It's a chipboard book that I covered with K & Co paper and their embellishments. I gave it to Blair for Halloween this year along with his favorite candy Skittles and Starbursts!
lighted pumpkins

 Had to include a photo of Duke (my dog) because Blair despises him. He knows the dog is my favorite over him. Not really but it is a joke in our house that he is. Dogs don't talk back now do they?
food and decorations from former party

Blair's friends and party favors

me carving pumpkins and Blair's candy loot

front of book
 This little Halloween book I won at the Wicked Tea! Cindy Mayfield made it and it is sooo cute!! I love it!
lots of things move

skeleton card is great

just add photo to this page

there is a swirl deal on clear acetate at bottom of page

book flips out to add photo

great for photos

love all the things that move and that are attached

 These are suckers I decorated for gifts for some friends in one of my art groups. The suckers twirl around. I wouldn't eat them. I would just use them as decorations.
close-up of sucker decorations

packaged a few suckers in these bags

 This is a container I decorated for a family and added wrapped candy bars in it. Fun stuff!! And yummy!
close-up of wrapped candy bars

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wicked Tea (Paper Cowgirl Event)

Paper Cowgirl Wicked Tea was this weekend in Waxahachie, TX. It was fun again this year! Cindy Mayfield did a wonderful job of organizing the event.

candy bar table
triptych samples
pumpkin or moon queen sample

Kristi Day organized a mask swap. This was the mask I created and I packaged it in this box all tied up with the skeleton and tulle bow.

 Our first class on Friday was The Pumpkin Queen taught by Cindy Mayfield. I really can't paint that well and especially not faces but did OK with my Queen face.
my pumpkin queen

me and Binky Morgan
 Our second class for the day was a Halloween Queen Crown taught by Binky Morgan. This lady is wonderful! Loved her outfit and sooo creative it is unreal! Check out her blog She rocks! Her class kit was cute and whimsical!

Binky's class kit
Kristi in her crown
Marys and my crowns
me and Patty

 We went to dinner at the Catfish Plantation on Friday evening. Place is haunted but we didn't see any ghosts unfortunately. The place was all decorated for Halloween though.

us at dinner
at catfish plantation

 Saturday morning our first class was this Boo Paper Doll made from crepe paper. Pamela Huntington designed the kits and doll and Cindy taught the class. Pamela couldn't make it down this time. Check out her blog though  The dolls were fun but took longer to do than we thought! LOL

 Our last class on Saturday was this triptych taught by Melissa Hines. She is a wonderful teacher and person! I really enjoyed her personality. Her class kit was great too! She sprayed file folders with Dylusions ink and stencils. Really cool!
Debbie's project
my project
class kit

Shannons project
It was a great weekend! So fun to get away and make art! My friend Mary and I stayed in Waxahachie at our friend Debbie's home. She was such a gracious host! Turned down our beds and left us treats in our rooms in case we got hungry in the night. The breakfast she cooked on Saturday morning was so scrumptious! Eggs with meat and the best scones from scratch I have ever tasted! Fresh fruit and oh I was so full afterwards! She is a true friend and we are lucky to know her, her husband Frank, and their sweet pets Lucy and Timmy. Mary and I put together a gift container (a huge pumpkin) with all sorts of eats and toys for Timmy and Lucy. Plus costumes for them. Below are pictures of them in their finery!
Timmy with his skull tie
Lucy in the backyard
Lucy in her trick or treat shirt eating a treat

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bottle Brush Trees

Look what fun I have been having. Bleaching bottle brush trees and then re-coloring them! I only colored these four so far. I think I will wait till I have a project for them then color the rest accordingly. But, it was fun!!!