Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Garland

I taught this garland at an art group meeting I had last week. It's very easy and just made mostly with strips of pattern cardstock. I added some skeletons and ribbons for a hauntingly good decoration.

End of Year Mouse Cards

I finished up the Mouse cards for this year. Here is October. He ate to many marshmallows!

This is November. Funny that the month before is sleeping too. Must be all that eating! LOL

This is December. Everyone enjoys presents. Even a mouse!

Book Folk Art Angel

A few months ago I gave a dear friend of mine this angel made from a book. I bought him at Canton and mentioned it in another post because I had gotten myself one before. Here is the link for the original post I did not post a photo of her angel so here it is hanging in her home and a close-up of him. The friend use to be a teacher so I thought the book was perfect!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Art

I put some Halloween decorations out this past weekend. Not a bunch. I do have lots but have not wanted to pull it all out this year. I am the one that has to do it all and I have not been in the mood. This little pretty sits on my kitchen table.

I bought this pumpkin potpourri in downtown McKinney on Saturday at a shop that sells primitive items. I have forgotten the name of the shop, bad me! The bottle brush tree came from Smitten ! I do remember that and the skeleton hand was purchased at Heirloom Antiques right off the square there. McKinney is a fun place to shop!

Oh bought the spider on top of the glass at Michaels.

Here is a close-up of inside the jar.

These gorgeous pumpkins are the faux ones you can purchase at Michaels. I covered them in black lace. They are stitched up on the bottom and that is covered with felt to finish things off nicely. I added a little tag to the stem. These are going to some special friends of mine. I hope they like them! I am keeping one for me!! I saw this idea in one of the new Halloween magazines at the book store. I think it was a Home and Garden one.

These witch wands were really fun to make! There is one on display at Stamp Asylum so come by and take a look up close. The store has the stamp I used in stock. The witch was embossed with black ink and clear powder on the painted wooden disk. I drilled a hole in the disc and glued in the painted dowel. Both the dowel and the disk were purchased at Hobby Lobby. Silver German glass glitter was glued on the disk with Glossy Accents. I sewed the black crepe paper on the sewing machine to ruffle it and attached it to the back of the disc with hot glue. I did cut a circle from decorative cardstock and attach it to the back of the disc to finish it off. The ribbons were hot glued on and a button was added to the center of them. The drilling of the hole for the dowel was the hard part because the disc is not a flat surface, it is beveled. But it can be done! Just be careful with the power tools!