Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Crown For Joni

Joni Russell from the Artful Illusions rubber stamp company was so generous with helping me on my class at Paper Cowgirl. I wanted to do something special for her. So I made this crown and two of my friends were going to her store in Kansas this weekend so they took it to her. I heard she loved it.

Mouse Card For July

Here is the House Mouse card for July. Isn't he soooo cute?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things For Sale on My Etsy Site

 I added these hangers to my etsy shop tonight. I had some left over from Paper Cowgirl. You get six in a package for $9.00. I made them by hand and they are great for displaying your art or whatever you want to hang from them.
They are packaged in a cellophane bag with shred and tied together with seam binding ribbon. I added a Kraft colored topper with a stamped tag at the top to close the bag. 

This is a card hanging from the clips on the hanger.

This is a three strand crochet bracelet with beads and a toggle closure.

This sachet has lavender inside it. Smells really great! Place in a drawer or closet. Makes a great gift for someone special.

If your interested in any of these items please go visit my etsy site at

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat 2011

table with everyone's class samples
I attended the Paper Cowgirl Retreat in Waxahachie this past Thursday thru Saturday. It was so much fun! We started off with a meet and greet on Thursday at The Dove's Nest . This is a wonderful store full of great finds from jewelry to clothing and home decor. We had good food and Lisa Pace was the guest speaker as well as being a teacher at the retreat. Her speech was funny and very informative. I enjoyed it a lot. All the students got to mingle with the teachers (me being a teacher) and each other. It was a whimsical evening and everyone was really nice and friendly.

name badges

Nicki and Tammy

dress Ann-Denise made
This fabulous dress was made by the Queen of Crepe Paper, Ann-Denise Anderson. She is a whiz with paper in general. The dress is made from coffee filters, crepe paper and tissue paper I think too.
It had paper clay flowers on the bodice. Just gorgeous!!
back of dress
 This is the back of the dress and it's even pretty. Such detail went into making it.
food table 
 This was the food table at the meet and greet. Yummy fruit, hummus, veggies and wrap sandwiches.

everyone visiting

me and my boots

 Cindy the Head Cowgirl making her welcome speech. She really did a great job of planning things and getting it all together.

 Here is Lisa Pace during her speech. She spoke on getting published in magazines and how to write a book. She was great! So funny and her info was really good. She has a new book coming out in January of 2012.

apron swap
 There were lots of swaps to participate in. I did not have time to join any but loved seeing all the goodies that were exchanged. This was the "apron swap" participants. There were some great aprons made!

cigar box swap inside

cigar swap outside
 The cigar box swap was over the top. This is just one of the boxes. Cami did this one. Very creative!

badge swap
 This coin purse was an item in the badge swap. I Loved it! Never would have thought of this. Jennifer did it.

Tanya, Mendy, Nicki, me and Tammy
 Friday night we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Waxahachie. Some of the stores stayed open late for us Paper Cowgirls to shop at. Fun time!
Cami Wallace Dilsaver

Kristi's dress
 I know this looks funny but I wanted to see under Kristi's dress. She had pinned old photos and cabinet cards to the skirt under the tulle skirt. So you saw them thru the tulle skirt. Very cute!
Marsha Albee
 Marsha won the Prom Queen contest. She bought this real prom dress for $5 I heard. Great deal if she did!
prom table decorations
The Prom was at Polka Dots, a store in Waxahachie. They sell jewelry and clothing but I also think the owner does photography too. There were several beautiful portraits in large blown up format around the store.
drink table at prom

sweets table at prom

photo with props
Kristi, me and Marsha getting our photo taken with the glittered guns! There were some large pictures frames laying around too for props.

my students
Here is my class working away on their mobiles. They were a great group and finished stamping their tags really quickly. I got a lot of compliments on how organized and how cute my kits were. It really made me feel good being my first time to teach at this venue.

samples in class

Kristi concentrating

bag kits were in
I had a few kits left over from class and am thinking about putting them in my Etsy Shop. Just need to find time to take photos and list them. I did have packages of hangers left too and am going to list them for sure soon.

vendor night finds
Vendor Night was Saturday evening. There were some great items for sale. I got this iron piece from Leslie Venable's booth. She said it was from Savannah. I am guessing it came off a porch. It is really heavy!

goodies from vendor night
Here are the rest of my goodies from that night. Flowers, jewelry, collage stuff and beads.

cuff bracelet
This is a beautiful cuff bracelet I bought from Dale McLain . I thought the colors were really pretty and love the rhinestones in the middle.

bon ton trip
I made a trip to the store called Bon Ton on Saturday after my class. I had a little extra time before Vendor Night. This store is so cool! Lots of vintage clothing, jewelry (as you can see that is what I bought) and retro items. Old stuff to look through and bring back memories of when I was younger. It has been in business for around 28 years the owner told me that day. It is in Forreston I think is the city and it's about 5 - 10 minutes outside downtown Waxahachie. I think these would be great additions to the wool felt crowns I have been making.

I bought this tiara too! My first one to own. I don't have a head to put it on but will look for some statue or something to use it on. Not sure how old it is but it has all it's stones intact.

Paper Cowgirl was wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and that made it easy to make new friends. I look forward to the Wicked Tea in the Fall. I went to last years as a student and plan on doing the same this year. Watch the Paper Cowgirl blog for more info about it. Only like 30 something people will be allowed to sign up for it. So you have to watch closely for when the sign up starts.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4th Graduation Day

Acting goofy before he left for the arena.

All the graduates threw up their hats! It was really cool to watch. Blair said he didn't get  hat when he left. What a bummer!!

With me outside the areana afterwards. Holding that diploma!! Not a great picture and then we didn't get one with his Dad. He had gone to get the car. It was so hot outside! Blair was sweating so bad in that gown. He said it felt like he was in a sauna!

It's over now and Blair is glad to be out of high school. Had a small party with family on Sunday. He wants to work and play through the Summer then start Richland College in the Fall. He is not sure what he wants to do yet career wise but is nterested in radiology and finance. He has plenty of time to decide.