Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tree in Bedroom

I got these beautiful glass balls from a store in McKinney last week. The store is called Cherase Vintage Home. They have some wonderful home decor items for Christmas right now in stock. Go check them out. Another store on the square that has great stuff for the home and any color German Glass Glitter you need is Smitten. I bought some pink and they have it in fine and coarse grades. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from. I bought the silver ball ornaments with snowflakes etched on them in the picture below from there too.
I made these small brown metal ornaments from grungeboard, metal tape and molds from Ten Seconds Studio. They were fun and easy to do.

I constructed the art for the ornaments below using Basic Grey snowflake cardstock, printed words on the computer and charcoal pencil. Then soldered them between glass. There are twenty of them and each word is one that reminds me of this holiday season.

Here is the completed tree. It sits at the end of my bed on a bench.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get it posted. Things have just been crazy around here.

I also wanted to share a beautiful piece I bought from another antiques store in McKinney called Homepieces. The owner of the store told me the item came from Illinois and you don't see many of these that are dark colored. This is black and usually you see white or natural wood colored ones. I fell in love with it and had to have it. I figured it made a good birthday present to my self. My birthday is Sunday the 28th.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Hope Santa is good to each of you tonight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas At My House

This is my Christmas Tree. It has gifts under it finally today, but it didn't when I took this photo. My raggedy old Grinch is sitting underneath.

I made this tree from a sweater last year. Not my idea. One of the girls in my stamping group came up with it. Her name is Traci Hutton She has a great website to sell her gourd dolls. Check them out. Anyway I sewed sequins and beads on the tree then printed onto muslin with my printer (peace). I like how it came out. it is mounted on a small piece of wood.
These are bottle brush trees and a few ceramic snowmen from Hallmark. The reindeer is from Prescott AZ. Monica brought it back from there for me last year.
This is my fireplace. The let is snow hanging deal is one I bought plain at Hobby Lobby then covered it in German glass glitter using Glossy Accents. It really sparkles!

Well that's it for today. Later on I will post a tree I have in my bedroom. I am not finished with the ornaments yet. They have to be soldered.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Art to Share

I noticed I didn't post at all in November. Oops! It has been hard for me to keep up with this blog. I am sorry about this. I intended in the beginning to only put up my art. But I might have to start posting other stuff like family or whatever else I come up with. Just to keep something going. Sometimes it takes me awhile to do art for me. I seem to have other things to do too. Like working, family, etc..

Well the two photos above are of a candle holder I bought at Hobby Lobby last week. It was on sale so that made the purchase even sweeter. I have been playing with a scroll saw some. I am by far not an expert! It takes some practice to get the hang of it. I definitely need more practice. The two kids are glued to craft wood (1/4" thick) and then cut out. I painted the edges and back of them with black acyclic paint. It finishes them off. I crackled a wooden cube with Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress Crackle Paint. I glued the girl to the cube because in the photo she was sitting on a chair and I cut it out. Next I placed moss and such in the vase and attached the cube to a birds nest. Then placed the nest on top of the moss. I then glued eggs in the nest. Lastly I placed silk flowers in. Oh I did glue a crown, flowers and bow to the kids before placing them in the vase. It turned out really cute.

This photo of a shadowbox to the right is one I did either last year or the year before. I can't remember which. Anyway, the doll was purchased at Target and the trees came from Michael's. I made the paper fan deal on top by just pleating music paper and then attaching with glue to the top of the box. I added a red ribbon with a star to the center of it. I believe I purchased the box at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Inside I glued paper to the background and rusted stars. Then added iridescent confetti as snow to the bottom. It was easy and fun to make.

Today is my baby's birthday (not Blair my son)! His name is Duke. He is 3. I took some photos of him on the couch with some pumpkins in October. Speaking of pumpkins I didn't carve any this year but I do have some of those Funkin ones I have carved in the past. They work really well from year to year. Here are a few I have done and a fiber optic cat. Can you believe I bought that cat in Georgia and brought him back on the plane with me? I did! Several years ago. He looks really cool because he changes colors.

Well, I will try to post some of my Christmas decorations later in the week. I can't believe it is December already!
Oh if you have a chance you need to go to the Waxahachie Tour of Homes. I went last weekend with my Mom and a friend and her Mom. We had a really good time. The houses were very interesting. They were built like in the 1890's and one was 1929. It goes on for the next two weekends with different houses each weekend. Check it out if you can. The houses are decorated for Christmas. There is a great scrapbook store on the square also. Check it out too.