Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bats & Flowers Oh My

Aren't these the cutest things?! We made these at my last rubber stamp club meeting. One of the members, Traci Hutton designed them especially for our group. They where fun to make. Mine is the one on the left in the bottom picture.

I bought these flowers from Heidi Swapp. She has an Etsy shop now . They are made with a clip on the back. So you can attach them to the neck of your shirt or wear them in your hair. I have been using them on my shirts for Halloween all week.
Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea Part 4

On to the class projects! This is the packet that the coven book supplies came in. See what I mean about details?! The teacher was Lisa McIlvain. She has a blog so go check it out . Great project! Mine finished is below.
Front of the book box.

Inside the book box.

This was Ann Denise Anderson's project. She had a major role in the success of this event besides teaching for sure. Cooking all the food and the decorations were from her personal stash. What a lady! Check out her blog .

But her project was made from paper clay. It was a vintage noisemaker. We sculpted a cat head on a ping pong ball. I definitely am not a sculptor! But it was fun and mine didn't turn out half bad. Ann Denise is the Queen of crepe paper! I took another class from her before and learned how to ruffle crepe paper on a sewing machine. I don't think there is anything she can't make from crepe paper.
Another one of Ann Denise's noisemakers.
My finished noisemaker.

This class was called Crone's Cottage Pendant. It was taught by Lesley Venable. . She made ahead for us these house shape bezels from clay. We collaged inside then added a tin type photo on top. Then she sealed it with the Ice Resin.
Another project was taught by the Event Organizer Queen herself Cindy Mayfield. Look at her blog for other photos from the event . Her project was a book made from cereal boxes. Do not throw those things away! They make a great substitute for chip board. It was called A Shadow Book of Prudence Caulders. We ran behind on time so we didn't get to start the little book but she gave us the supplies. I hope to get mine done soon. I will post about it when I do. Her sample was really cute! I forgot to get a photo of it though to show.
All the projects were fabulous!
Working on projects and visiting with friends. It was a great creative day!

If you get a chance to go to a Paper Cowgirl retreat, please do. It really is a great experience! There usually is one in the Summer and it runs several days. There is even a vendor night. I attended the last show but only on the vendor night. I didn't get to take any of the classes. I hope to next Summer and the dates for it are June 9th - 11th, 2011.
This Fall retreat was a one day event. What a day it was! Thanks to all the teachers and Cindy and Ann Denise for a fabulous time! I appreciate all the hard work!

Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea Part 3

We were to make our name badges and there were some really creative ones! I blogged about mine last week. Here are some of my favorites. Loved this one with the skeleton!
This is my friend Debbie's. Novel idea to use wire to write your name! Love the cheese cloth behind it.
This little kitty was sooo cute! Tu tu and all!

This reminded me of the high school mums you see during Homecoming. Grace even said that is where she got the idea.
Half a glittered pumpkin! Works for me!

There was a contest to see who could collect the most glittered clothes pins. I won! But I had help. Three friends gave me their pins. I ended up with 42 total I think. I won this cute ribbon which has a great saying on it, "Some things just require cake".

One of the friends that gave me her pins has a booth at the Dove's Nest in Waxahachie. It's a great place to shop. I believe she has this ribbon and others like it in her booth. She had given me some before when I was visiting her at her home. So I gave my winning ribbon to one of the other ladies that gave me her pins. Actually I have shown these ribbons in an earlier post here on my blog. Check out the May 3rd post for these banners.

Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea Part 2

There were three rooms of tables for us to work at. I believe there were 22 ladies there. This room was the largest and held three tables.
The room I was in had two tables with places for three at each table.
This was my table. Our places were marked with paper sacks with our names on them. So simple but perfect for this. Look at the brooms tied to the backs of the chairs. Lots of details!

There were a bunch of treat bags and goodies at our places for us. The witch shoes, a crepe paper hat, a sack made into a broom. Really cute! It had candy of course in it and several other goodies for us to take home. There was a notebook with pencil for taking notes.
Window in my room. Oops I forgot to get a photo of the front room table.

This was made by one of the organizers of the event and she is the Queen of crepe paper for sure! These had different vintage characters on a box which held candy. It was mounted on a stick. Each of us received one.
On to the candy bar! This hutch had jars with great scary labels attached to them. Each held different candy and we were to take the candy with us. It was out all day to pick from. You can also see in this photo the characters on the sticks stuck into a holder sitting on a chair. That is Zultan in the far corner.
Some of the candy in boxes. I forgot to get one of these. Wonder what was inside?

Some of the great labels.

Candy in jars in another display.

Scones for breakfast anyone? They were really delicious. Rose petals were placed on top of them. There was also a fruit salad and orange juice and coffee to drink.

Lunch is served. My plate. All the food was to die for! One of the teachers, Ann Denise cooked it all. I had to have one of those skeleton brownies!
The corn chowder was so good! And I have to get the recipe for the two salads, pasta and a broccoli with raisins one.
Lunch buffet set up.

No detail was left out. Even our tea glasses were decorated.
Dessert table! Cupcakes and cookies galore!

Here are those brownies!

Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea Part 1

I attended Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea on Saturday Oct 16th. I have to say this event was the most fun I have had at an art retreat in a long time. Everything from the food to the decorations to the projects was top notch 1st class!

It was held in a cute little cottage in Waxahachie, Texas. A city about 45 minutes from my home. We were to be at the cottage by 8:30am for breakfast then class would start at 9:00am. Here are some of the decorations.

Front room decorations.

This was the room where the food was served. Loved all the decorations hanging from the ceiling!

Black glittered pumpkins! Oh so scary!

More ceiling.
This corner held desserts and such through out the day. I am telling you we were catered to the nines! I could have been on a sugar high all day! From candy corn in cups on our tables to a hutch with jars of candy. All kinds to pick from!
Zultan the fortune teller. He talked! Really cool.

This lovely cat was on the main food table and his head moved back and forth.
These cute little gourds were in some of the windows.
Painted pumpkins.

Check out these crepe paper witch shoes. Each of us got a pair.