Friday, October 15, 2010

Hico Texas

If you have never been to Hico, TX then you need to make the trip. It's about two and a half hours from my house. Past Cleburne and Glen Rose. This weekend is a special antique shopping one. They had a weekend similar to this one in May, Mother's Day weekend in fact. A friend of mine went and said it was worth checking out. So another friend and I took off earlier this morning.

This is one of the streets and lots of the buildings have signs painted on their sides. I should have got more pictures of the signs. On the way back out of town I saw one with Dr. Pepper on it and one with a Coke advertisement.

I just thought this column on one of the buildings was great!

This is Homestead the store. It is housed in the old Opera House. Fabulous vignettes and displays inside the store!

Love the shoes hanging above this bed! Wouldn't you love to hang these animal hoof hooks in your house? NOT!! But they were fascinating.

Another view of the shoes above the bed.

Lots of great linens and bedding to buy.

Found out these wire deals are industrial whisks. Cool huh?

This is not a very good shot but it's letters hanging up above a table.

Outside the Homestead store there was a tent set up with lots of vendor booths. I even recognized a few that are normally at Canton.

I thought these were cute! Hold a photo or a piece of collage art.
This is a wonderful metal I guess shelf or something that has been painted with chalk board paint then decorated. The spoon hook is very creative.

Can't say enough about these birds. Some had collars on. Really cute!

These were lined up on a door. The scrolls are fabulous.

These are dried hydrangeas. Beautiful! This booth was called Bloom & Bee Swanky They are located in Waco, TX. Really nice stuff.

This is also in the same booth. I really liked the birds hanging from the branches. The silver shoes were cool too.
Same booth, Bloom & Bee Swanky. I didn't get a picture but there were these wonderful lavender covered chairs there. Very modern. Of course fabric with script printed on it is so in right now. I saw lots of pillows and furniture covered in this kind of fabric.

Check this out. It is made of book pages. So creative!

Some Fall decoration.

Other booths in the tent.

It was really nice to get out of Dallas and see the countryside. Ate lunch at a small steak place and the onion rings were to die for! Fresh cut onion and hand battered. The steak fingers were wonderful too. Even the Texas toast tasted better than normal.


Traci said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time! loved the pics you shared!

cindy said... looks amazing. one of gals at work had gone in may and just raved about it. guess I will have to make a trip up there. and yeah, bloom and bee swanky is awesome all on its their store.