Monday, October 11, 2010

Paper Cowgirl Treats

Paper Cowgirl is this coming weekend and it is sure to be a fun Halloween themed experience. I have never attended any classes at the previous retreats. Only vendor night at the last one in June of this year. Which was really a great night, and I love Halloween, so I decided to sign up for this event.

We are to bring treat bags and name badges to the retreat. My friend Mary is going with me and I decided to make our name tags and bags. I forgot I had this cute little pumpkin face die cut from Sizzix . So I used it on the name badges. Then I found these tote bags at Target and got an idea. All I needed was a large felt spider, rhinestones and some stickles! They were decorated in a flash!
I also used the Halloween definitions and mini flags from House of 3 to complete the name badges. Check out their other Halloween printables. They have some wonderful stuff! I can never get enough ruffles! I used orange shiny tulle for these.

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cindy said...

These were so cute! It was so great to see you two! Was so much fun. I'm glad y'all were able to make it in.