Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea Part 1

I attended Paper Cowgirl - A Wicked Tea on Saturday Oct 16th. I have to say this event was the most fun I have had at an art retreat in a long time. Everything from the food to the decorations to the projects was top notch 1st class!

It was held in a cute little cottage in Waxahachie, Texas. A city about 45 minutes from my home. We were to be at the cottage by 8:30am for breakfast then class would start at 9:00am. Here are some of the decorations.

Front room decorations.

This was the room where the food was served. Loved all the decorations hanging from the ceiling!

Black glittered pumpkins! Oh so scary!

More ceiling.
This corner held desserts and such through out the day. I am telling you we were catered to the nines! I could have been on a sugar high all day! From candy corn in cups on our tables to a hutch with jars of candy. All kinds to pick from!
Zultan the fortune teller. He talked! Really cool.

This lovely cat was on the main food table and his head moved back and forth.
These cute little gourds were in some of the windows.
Painted pumpkins.

Check out these crepe paper witch shoes. Each of us got a pair.

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