Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back From Florida

We have been back from vacation since August 17th but I have been busy trying to get caught up on things. We had a week till school started when we returned so inbetween buying clothes, supplies and shoes for school i was planning six different classes for work. But more on that later.
Florida was wet! It rained everyday we were there except two. Only two days of SUN!! It would stop most days for me to get out and ride my bike though. So that was good. I enjoyed riding to Seaside (the town we were near) and shopping or eatting at the beachside grill called Pickles. They had great fried pickles by the way. Eating ice cream and sitting on the porch of the book store reading my book and people watching was fun.
The surf was really rough but Blair and the two friends he took rode their boogie boards anyway. But they mostly watched TV and ate and ate and ate. I found these cool chairs someone painted in town. I love looking at all the different houses in town. A lot of them you can rent and they are painted all kinds of bright colors. It's a nice place to visit. I do hope if we return next year it doesn't RAIN as much!

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