Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun & Easy Gifts

This is a pin I bought on Etsy. It's made from a vintage zipper. I thought it was so cool! The company is called ZipPinning. They have lots of different kinds of flowers to pick from and also hearts. Check them out.
This is a ring I made using glass glitter, resin, a brad I cut the back off of and a square ring bezel. It takes a few days to cure but it works really well. The finished piece is all sparkly!
These are glass bottle I bought at Canton a few years back. I cleaned them up and then added wire and beads for hangers. I scanned in an old postcard I have then shrunk it down to size. Glued it to the bottle and added glass glitter (love that stuff) around the edges. Perfect vase for flowers! These I gave to my friends Melody and Monica for Easter.

These items would be great for any occasion. They are easy to make but great gifts.


cindy said...

I've seen those zipper pins before...I think those are the cutest dang things. How clever someone was to come up with that! And your ring is adorable too! :D


Stephani Gorman said...

Donna, These are just so cute and I love your bunny image! Stephani:)

Charmingdesigns said...

That zipper pin would look great on a wall hanging!! Laurie

Halo Hill said...

Love 'em! Very pretty!