Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art, Jewelry & Pillows

I made this bird cage pillow for a friend's birthday gift last night. Wrapping it up today but wanted to post a photo of it first. The crown one I made a few weeks ago for myself. They both are made from a linen type material. I just bought a pillow form to insert inside the casing I sewed. Believe me I am NOT a seamstress so this had to be easy if I did it. The images are iron-ons. Don't remember where I got the crown one but the bird one came from Olive Rue on Etsy.

This cute little birdie came in a kit from . Everything came in the kit from the fabric to the spool and bird. Even the banner. It says SPRING on it but it's hard to see in the photo. My wonderful friend Mary bought the kit for me at Paper Cowgirl a few weekends ago. It was fun to put together.

These are some new bird pendants I came up with to sell at Stamp Asylum . I still need to add them to my Etsy store.


cindy said...

Love the pillows and yep, I don't sew either. But these are really cute! Awww, you got one of Cindy's kits, they are cute are'nt they? So glad y'all came that night. Love your charms...way cute!


Cindy (Junque Art) said...

Those pillows are great!!! So glad you liked your little bird kit you got from me! It was great to see you at PC! Hope you had a great time at vendor night!

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

Also meant to add I love your charms. I need to come take a soldering class from you!

Traci said...

cute. cute. cute! now I may have to venture out in that direction....checked out Olive Rue and it's awesome. Did you get the fabric from JoAnn's? And did you free form the pillow case or did you use a pattern?