Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ready For Paper Cowgirl & Fun New Decoration In Studio

I spent all day yesterday finishing up for Paper Cowgirl next month. My class is full and I am so excited!! Look at all these kits!

These are the door prizes I made and packaged up. I just need to get some tickets for the students to write their names on and me to draw from.

 These are items I have packaged to sell during or after my class. Trims and wool.

 Look what I got!! I have been looking for a vintage baby bed springs for so long. A friend and I were in McKinney on Friday and found it. My husband helped me hang it today. I added my little paper ball lights to it. It hangs over my desk in the studio.


Traci said...

you were in my neck of the woods again?! what a wonderful looks wonderful hanging from your studio ceiling!

donnaj said...

as usual-a very busy girl! love the bedsprings...i may send my dogs over to sneak it home for me :)