Saturday, July 7, 2012


I just got back from a little trip down to Galveston. Not quite the same in beaches as Florida but still nice. There was quite a bit of seaweed on the beaches each day though. It seems it was from the hurricane the week before in Florida. Came across the Gulf to visit.

seagull looking for food

jetty going out into the ocean

from our balcony down the Seawall

Bishops Palace was as beautiful as ever. By the way we did not see much damage at all from Hurricane Ike (Sept. 2008). Everything looked great, especially on the Seawall Blvd.. It seems the city has recovered wonderfully.

ferry ride anyone?

me and The Shark
This shark has been around since the beginning of time it seems. It survived the hurricane but is sporting a new paint job I think. I seem to remember him being a little more on the gray side. Of course it has been 11 or 12 years since I have seen him. My son was probably 8 or 9 years old in the last photo I have of them together, and he will be 19 this month.

seagull on the ferry
Riding the ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula is always fun. We saw dolphins on our way back to Galveston. We watched the 4th of July fireworks shot out over the Gulf and ate some delicious seafood! It was a nice week to get away. Now back to reality!

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