Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KC Willis Camp Collage

Just wanted to remind you bloggers about the KC Willis Camp Collage online class You can still sign up and it's a really fun class. I posted about my piece last week and several of my friends have signed up and have been having a ball making pieces. I have only had time for my one piece but plan on making more for gifts for family.

The videos KC posted are wonderful and really show you how she does her art. If your not into Western art plan on using a photo of what you like. That's what I did. Use vintage photos that you don't even know the people or a family one like I did. You use items for embellishment that you already have or you can buy new ones. It's fun to figure out what your going to use in adding that special touch to your photo.

You can always go to KC's website and check out her pieces she has for sale. She has more than just Western style.

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Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Donna. I took a class from Moss Hill Studios. My tags were done using her style. Lots of layers of paint that are heated...I love the texture too. I'm working on another KC hanging...they are soooo fun to do, aren't they! Laurie