Thursday, May 21, 2009

KC Willis Class

I am taking an online class from KC Willis . It's called KC Willis Collage Camp . I believe you can still sign up and it is well worth it!! She has videos to watch on how she makes her wall pieces and they really are great. Lots of info and it's not a hard process. I have been busy with other things and had collected all my supplies but had not had time to work on a project. So last week I started and here is my end result. Not sure if I will add anything else to the piece though. I really like her process and the pieces she sells on her website. I go for more of her Victorian or Collage crazy type art than her cowboys and cowgirls. But all of it is good. Go check out the camp website and her website.


donnaj said...

looks good! can't wait to see it in person~

cindy said...

Turned out gorgeous! I really love it! And your blog is so pretty! LOVE the colors and details.

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