Friday, November 13, 2009

New Moon Party Next Week

One of my best friend's is giving her daughter a New Moon Movie Party next week. On the 19th seven girls are meeting at her house to eat pizza and watch Twilight. Then later in the evening go to the theater to get in line with every other "crazy about Edward and Bella girl" to wait for midnight and the NEW movie New Moon to be shown. Then everyone is coming back to the house for a sleepover! I just hope I can stay up long enough to watch the complete movie at the theater. LOL
I made invitations, book marks, treat bag toppers, cupcake picks and tags for t-shirts for the event. Did you know there are rubber stamps for Twilight? Yep there is! Barnes and Noble has them if you need them.
Above are the toppers, bookmarks and cupcake picks.
This is the tags for the shirts and you can see still see the book marks. We all will be wearing matching t-shirts. FUN FUN FUN!! The girls also got rubber bracelets to wear. One of them says "runs with vampires".
Here is the invite. The words are printed on vellum then below is a picture of Bella, Edward and Jacob. It was fun to make all the items and I got lots of compliments on the invites.


cindy said...

woooooow. that is so cool! Love all that you did, I know those girls will be awed. What a cool, cool thing!

yapping cat

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Cindy! I appeciate your praise. It was fun to do.

Traci said...

Those are really fun, Donna! Have fun at the movie. I can't wait to see it!

Art Studio 522 said...

Traci I heard the movie is as good as the first one. But, the effects and makeup are much much this time around. Will let you know what I think after Thursday.

donnaj said...

what fun!

p said...

very cool.
we'd love to feature your invites on our site.

Art Studio 522 said...

I am flattered you would like to put the invites on your site. If you would like to email me privately to talk about it that would be great. email is
Thanks so much.