Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas at the Goss Home

Well I must say I am a BAD blogger! Lately it has been hard to keep up with everything. Working part time at the store, trying to get Christmas decorations up, and buying gifts, there just is not enough time in the day. I have even skipped exercising the past two days. Missed most of last week too. Boy I need to get back on track!

I took on a new monthly job deal also. As if I didn't have enough to do right? The company that makes House Mouse rubber stamps ask me to make cards for their 2010 stamp of the month club for stores. Well that is 95 cards a month. At least I can color copy the mouse part after I color it. I just have to assemble 95 cards. That in itself is a job! Last month I cut 95 little mouse hands to hold a punched heart. This month was a little easier, just layering more. It is fun though to color the little guys and then come up with a card. I need to ask if I can post the finished cards here on the blog.

Another exciting thing happening around our house is my son is going to college early! Richland Junior College has a program where kids can attend their Collegiate High School their Junior and Senior years. This program gets them a High School Diploma and an Associates Degree in Science. So he will be attending there after the holidays.

I have to say it was a hard decision for him and for us as parents to let him decide. He will be leaving his friends and the same school district he has been in since kindergarten. He is sacrificing being on the Varsity Golf team and of course his classes will be harder than the AP ones he is taking now.

I am more sentimental than he is so it's been tough for me to want him to do it. As a Mom I want those Senior pictures and Prom ones too! They have that at Richland but still it will not be the same as being at his old school and with his friends. I just paid for his Senior ring and annual too. LOL But I have to think about the money it's going to save me (two years of junior college) because it is free for him to do this. Plus he will have a degree at the end of his Senior year and have a better chance at a good 4 year college. So I try to dwell on those two things.

He will have two or three friends there with him. They started in the Fall. He is very good at making friends anyway. He is very outgoing and can talk to anyone. So I feel he will be fine in that department. I just hope he is not growing up to fast and takes everything in and makes the best of the situation. That's all I can hope for and that he makes good grades! LOL

I thought I would post some of the Christmas decorations I have around the house. Below is the tree I have in my bedroom. It looks like a vintage tinsel tree but came from Hobby Lobby several years back. I soldered little word ornaments for it. I also made some chocolate brown metal circle ornaments and then bought a few silver snowflake ball ones from Smitten in McKinney. I bought them last year so I do not know if they have any this year but they are really pretty.
This is piece I got from another store in McKinney but they are closed now. It is a Bethany Lowe I believe.

The lights and ornaments on the main Christmas tree in the den.

This candy wreath my husband got as a gift this year from one of his customers. I think it's a cutie!

These red and green ornaments are on the tinsel tree on the kitchen table.

This is a new tree for us this year. It's a fir tree in an urn. I found these silver and gray ornaments at Target and thought they would be perfect. This tree works for any holiday. I have used it for Valentines and for Easter but not for Christmas before.

Grinch and his dog sitting under the Christmas tree.

This is another Bethany Lowe piece I acquired after Christmas last year. Glad to be able to put him out this year.

Lovely blue balls in a bowl in my bedroom. The bird and nest art piece was made by my friend April.

Thanks for stopping by and again so sorry it's taken me so long to post. Hope you enjoyed my Christmas decorations.

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