Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Snow Day 2010

We woke up to a beautiful site this morning! SNOW! It has kept coming down all day. This is some great stuff for making a snowman. Dallas doesn't get snow like this very often. My cat wasn't sure he wanted to go outside.

Duke was trying to figure out what all this white stuff was. He really didn't like getting his feet stuck in it.

From our road looking down the area behind the house. It is snowing so much you can't really see the lake on the left. This is from this afternoon when I got home from work.

There is a lake out there. These photos were in color but look like they were taken in black and white.

This is from this morning before I left for work. You can see the water here. I got to Plano and the flakes were so big! I actually had some customers come in the store. The roads were not bad this morning but this afternoon coming home they had a lot of slush on them. Tomorrow morning will be really bad. The temps are suppose to be in the 20's tonight. Everything will freeze! I am sure I will be staying home.

My road this afternoon.

Out the back sliding glass door it is such a pretty site! Love the snow but hate the ice.

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cindy said...

It was absolutely amazing wasn't it? We were working in the store that day and could not believe the size of the flakes as they were falling...and it never stopped. Quite beautiful. You got some great pics!

yapping cat