Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Several weeks ago my friends that were in the Alice journal swap with me got together for a tea party. We finished working in each others journals and created paper crowns and ATC cards.

The tea party was at one of the members homes and she had it done up right. Catered by a special lady who made the most wonderful food, and I wish I had her info so I could pass it along to you. I am sure if someone wants it I can get the info for you. Email me for that.

Below you see the table set up. The food was placed on the buffet to the right of the table.

Bunnies and large globe candle holders were the center pieces.
Beautiful cups and saucers for tea. Each one was a different pattern.
The host made cute little place setting cards for each of us.
Wonderful food was served. This was pumpkin cake pieces and cheese cake tarts.

The buffet table set up.
More desserts! Lemon tarts and heart topped brownie bites.
Cucumber, chicken salad and cream cheese sandwiches.
Chocolate covered strawberries.
On to the goodies! The journals and party favors!

This was the door prize. It is a box of handmade cards.
The crown is on the front of the box. All wrapped up!
These were my party favor boxes. Inside are soldered necklaces with an Alice image.
These are some of the crowns. The pattern is the same but each one of us did something different to the paper. The first one is covered in fabric and organza flowers were added to it. The second one is decorated with paint and colored copied images. My crown, the third one has ink as the base color and a color copied image of the Queen with the words "Off with his head" glued to it. I added some stamped swirls and glitter. The fourth crown is covered in paint and glitter. It has color copied images of Alice in Wonderland book covers.
This is one of the trays we purchased for holding our ATC's.
On to the journals!! I have photographed some of my favorite pages from each members book.
These first few photos are a small accordion book put in Melody's journal. It has pictures of the characters from the Alice movie by Tim Burton and quotes to go with them. Details have been added in some form on each picture. Check out the tiny buttons on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum's suspenders.

Other side of accordion book.
Great use for a coin holder.

These are pages from Mary's journal. Red Reigns here!

This page is fabulous! My photo with the close-up of the crown did not come out. The crown has lots of texture on it.
This is the cover of Mary's journal.

This is Donna's (the other one) journal.
Love the colors used on these pages. The orange holey item on the right hand side under the photo of the Mad Hatter is a vegetable bag.
It was a challenge to find images that were different. We did not want us all to have the sames pictures in our journals. Searching the Internet was a plus to finding unusual images.
This is the back of one of Donna's pages. She has a wonderful eye for putting colors together. Plus using textures!

This page is in April's journal. Dimension and color were key on this page.
Mary loves quotes and I think all the pages she did in our journals have them. They add a special touch!

These are pages from Anne's journal. She has not bound hers yet. Look at these unusual images.

This photo does not do this page justice. The pink color is wonderful.
This page has some of the Graphic 45 Alice paper on it. If you have not seen that series of paper you need to check it out. It has a Halloween theme to it.

Finally this is my journal. The front cover anyway.

I had my Mom make a bag from Alice material I found at a quilt store. The book fits perfectly inside.
Accordion book inside my book
This picture believe it or not came from a calendar.
I just love this picture! I can not remember what April told me she colored it with but it is wonderful.
Very dimensional page. Love the collage background.
This was a fun swap. We all did such a great job with the artwork created for each of the journals. Ending it with a tea party was the icing on the cake!


Tina said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of this! Absolutely fabulous!

the other donna said...

All I can say is WOW!

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Tina and "the other Donna" for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. Donna, I hear you have posted about our party too and as soon as I get caught up I will check out your blog.
Thanks again,
Donna G