Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Crowns & Other Fun Stuff

Check out these wool felt crowns I made for a couple of my friends for Valentines Day. So fun to make these. You can put detail into the decorations or do something simple. I bought the wool felt in red, cream, green and ochre. Need to cut out some more.
The two little crowns have different beading around the bottom and different hearts but otherwise they are the same.

This one is larger and it is mine! There is pink tinsel around the bottom below the white ruffle and pink flowers. I have been saving the vintage rhinestone heart pin for one of these beauties.
These are crocheted bracelets. My friend Jeanne made some and I thought they were so cool. I did change up the closure on mine. She had crocheted a loop to slip back over a bead. Since I am new to crochet I had to figure something else out. Saw a video on youtube for a crocheted multi strand necklace. It was strung this way and used the bead cones to bring it all together with a closure. It worked for me!

These are really quick to make since your just using the chain stitch of crochet. Just have to thread all the beads on before you start.
Finished this scarf. The yarn was different for me to knit with. Never used anything like it. After I got the hang of it (knitted between the balls) it was fun. Used one skein of yarn. Although I think if I do it again I will either make it skinnier (so it will be longer) or use another skein of yarn.

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donnaj said...

Good Gracious girl, you have been busy! I've done nothing artsy this yr!