Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland in Texas

Here in Rowlett we got five inches of snow last night. It is so beautiful! This has been a crazy weather week in Texas for sure. Ice started on Monday night and had to stay home for two days. Finally got to get out and go to work yesterday. Things were still messy though on the roads and our parking lot at work was like an ice rink. Today we have snow!
This is out behind my house by the lake.
All bundled up!
I caught some birds taking off from the lake. Part of the lake is frozen near the shore.
Alan holding Duke our dog.
Duke running through the snow. It was so funny to watch him. He was excited about being outside and things being so different than usual when he's out. I finally had to take his sweater off him because it was wet. When we came in the house the fur on his belly was matted with snow. I had to wet him to get it off. Just drying him with a towel was not working.
Blair walking down to the lake.
My baby covered in snow!
The lake frozen at the edge.
Well, I am staying inside where it's warm and hope to get some art projects done. I will post what I create later.

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