Monday, May 23, 2011

Todays Various Art Projects

Today I worked on various projects that were on my to do list. Of course there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. LOL But I did get some things accomplished. Above is a graduation card I made. My Son is graduating High School in two weeks and I needed several of these for some of his friends gifts. That Tim Holtz Rosette die is a gem! I love it!
I came up with this banner for my Son's graduation party. He said he did not want a party but we have to do something with the Family, and I am trying to still make it special for him. The school colors are orange, blue and white so I made the banner in those colors. It's chip board letters that I painted and then stuck white cardstock on the back to show through the letters. Then I added clear sparkly glass glitter to the white part. It came out good I think. Never mind my red curtains. This was the best place to hang it for the photo. Not sure where it will go for the party yet.
 These little roses are for a swap in one of my art groups. Actually we made the flowers at my other art group meeting last Sunday. I decided to use them for the other art group's swap since the theme was shades of turquoise. It worked out perfect! I painted little wooden cubes then stamped them. Drilled a hole in the top for the wire. Glued the flower and wire and I was done!

 This flower was done from some inspiration from my friend Jeanne. She did one and mounted it to a rock. Really cool! She said it was on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine but they used fabric. We both used paper. I added glossy accents to the paper too. This gave it a shine. My leaf could have been bigger though but oh well. I should have cut my wire longer to start with. I am not even sure how much wire I used. LOL

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