Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back from Kansas

I made it back from teaching in Kansas last weekend. I was at Mrs. O'Leary's in Wichita. The first photo is the front of the store and the other one is the back. Love the sign below. It's on the wall in the back. The store is in a great area of downtown Wichita. All the old buildings are wonderful to see. The area is called Old Town.
Here are a few shots from inside the store. Lots and lots of nerchandise to see and buy!

This is a holiday area with ribbons, stamps and great samples for Christmas.

This is the tool area. Jewelry tools, torches, bench block, copper tape, hammers etc..

Joni (the owner) was working on stamping dominoes to take to a show in Houston, TX this week.

Magazines and paper galore!

There is a great section of beads to pick from. That is what is in this area. Below the table are plastic containers filled with beads.

Lucious colors of sari ribbon and fibers.

Lots of ball chain bracelets and necklaces.

They have a wonderful selection of color copies of art to pick from.

I loved this old cabinet of drawers. Each drawer is labeled with what is inside. Knobs, charlotte dolls, rhinestone buckles etc..

There are colorful shirts to buy too!

All kinds of speciality ribbons as well as regular type ones.

This area is like a soda fountain. They have popcorn, bottled drinks and candy to buy.

This is a vinette I thought was great! Love the bottles!

This is at the front of the store on the right side of  the front door. The merchandile area where several people have items to sell like antiques, finished jewelry they have made and altered things.

This is on the left side of the front door. Lots of soldered jewelry Joni has made to sell.

Look at all the letter charms!!

This is VERY clevor! Taking a suitcase and making a shelf out of it.

Colored dominoes.

These next two photos are some art on the wall in the hallway of the store. I am not sure who made them but they are fabulous.

This is the bar that Joni and Mark own. The Brickyard. This is the front door outside, down just a little from the front door of the store. It leads into the outside bar area. There is an inside area also, but I did not get any photos of it. It's really large inside as well as outside in the yard. The photos below are of the outside open area. The building was an old casket factory. It is huge!

Upstairs above the store is two aprtments and the level above that is for storage. There are four levels I believe. The bar is on the lower level. It is really cool and Mark is a top notch cook! We had hamburgers and pizza on Sunday for lunch. YUM YUM!!
I took the photos outside the fence on the street and alley.

Lightpost downtown naming the area.

 One of their customers (Ronda painted these two murals on the windows in the back of the store. Aren't they great?

This is Yeager the store cat. He is so beautiful but be careful when petting him. When he gets tired of you he tries to scratch you!

My friend Mary and I had a great time teaching at the store. My students did wonderful jobs on their projects in class and I made some new friends. Joni and Mark and their daughter Faron are great hosts. I hope to come back next year and teach again. Check out their blog

I will post at another time about my tour of Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City. We stopped in there on the way up to Kansas. Plus I did take some photos during my classes at Mrs. O'Leary's, so I will post those later too. Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the tour of Joni's store. After hearing about it at her classes, it's nice to finally see some pictures. Lucky you to get to teach there!

Traci said...

looks like you had a great weekend! the pics are great!

Diane said...

It's cool to see my sister's (Ronda) paintings on someone else's blog!

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Diane for checking out my blog. Your sister is wonderful!! I was glad to meet her.

Have a great week.