Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of High School for my son Blair! Of course he says it's no big deal but it is!! Here are some of his Senior pictures. The graduation ceremony is next weekend on June 4th.

Where has the time gone? It just seems like yesterday that he was this blond headed and I mean really blond headed little boy (now it's turned darker). The time has just flown by, and especially so these last few years. He is taller than me now, has a job and a very independent attitude. He will finish up at Richland Jr. College and then who knows what he will do, but I am sure it will be something special.

Monday, May 23, 2011

House Mouse Card For June

Here is the Mouse card for June. I have been using my Nestabilities a little more lately. In fact the one I am working on now for August I am using another one. I think they give deminsion to the card instead of just cutting things into squares all the time.

Todays Various Art Projects

Today I worked on various projects that were on my to do list. Of course there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. LOL But I did get some things accomplished. Above is a graduation card I made. My Son is graduating High School in two weeks and I needed several of these for some of his friends gifts. That Tim Holtz Rosette die is a gem! I love it!
I came up with this banner for my Son's graduation party. He said he did not want a party but we have to do something with the Family, and I am trying to still make it special for him. The school colors are orange, blue and white so I made the banner in those colors. It's chip board letters that I painted and then stuck white cardstock on the back to show through the letters. Then I added clear sparkly glass glitter to the white part. It came out good I think. Never mind my red curtains. This was the best place to hang it for the photo. Not sure where it will go for the party yet.
 These little roses are for a swap in one of my art groups. Actually we made the flowers at my other art group meeting last Sunday. I decided to use them for the other art group's swap since the theme was shades of turquoise. It worked out perfect! I painted little wooden cubes then stamped them. Drilled a hole in the top for the wire. Glued the flower and wire and I was done!

 This flower was done from some inspiration from my friend Jeanne. She did one and mounted it to a rock. Really cool! She said it was on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine but they used fabric. We both used paper. I added glossy accents to the paper too. This gave it a shine. My leaf could have been bigger though but oh well. I should have cut my wire longer to start with. I am not even sure how much wire I used. LOL

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I received this beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisy's today from my husband and son. Not sure what the greenery is called but I like it.

He is growing up so fast! Graduating from High School in June. Where has the time gone?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Left Over Wool Felt Art

These are little art pieces made from left over wool felt when you cut out crowns. Some are free hand shaped hearts and a few were cut with a die cut machine. My piece is the photo above with the heart on the hanging wall art board. I love the K & Co. paper called Celeste and the one called Flora and Fauna. I used paper from one of these pads for the piece. You can purchase these two pads at Michael's.

House Mouse Card For May

Here is the Mouse card I designed for May. I used Copic Markers to color it. These mice grow on you after awhile. I do not like real mice but these are cute!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Class and a Crown

I will be teaching my Creative Card class this Saturday from 3:00pm to 5:30pm at Stamp Asylum. Below is a photo of one of the cards we will be making. In this class you make six cards using different techniques. It's really fun and the card pictured below is great for Mother's Day!

I made this cute blue crown at one of my art group meetings the other night. Just love that color!!
I picked up the rhinestone piece of jewelry on it at Warrenton.

Paper Cowgirl Made the Newspaper Today

Paper Cowgirl is in the news today! The Dallas Morning News featured the retreat in an article in the Arts and Life Guide. Check out the blog for more details on the article
You still have time to sign up for classes at the retreat. Here is the link for more info Not sure of the cut off date for sign ups but I know it's this month. So GIDDY UP girls and boys!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show Final Installment

This is Kristi Knox and Theresa Cano . I have been checking out Theresa's blog for some time. I found her when I bought something in her booth at Winnie  & Tallulah's in Athens, TX. She doesn't have one there anymore, now she is in McKinney at an antique store. She has great stuff! Her blog is fun and she is always traveling around Texas to let us know of great places to shop and shows to attend. She is full of info! Pictures of her booth at Zapp Hall are below. She had a wonderful booth! Kristi I met there at the show. But it is such a small world because she is taking my class at Paper Cowgirl! I could not believe I met a student in my class! Of all the the places to be and meet her. It was great! She is so sweet and I can't wait for my class in June to see her again.
Loved this couch area.

Looking in from the outside.

Check out the flowers wrapped in the corset.

Button chair by table. Yum!

This is looking down the hwy from the side of the road we were shopping on. Bumper to bumper of cars. we never even shopped on the other side of the road. Have to do that next trip!
We found this wonderful sleigh and I said lets get inside and take photos of each other. So we did. Melody took this one of me. we bought hats to keep the sun off our faces and they really were a blessing.
Junk Gypsy was a fun booth to shop! They had some great items. I bought a rhinestone crown belt buckle and black leather belt for it. I also got a colorful teal and lime green dingle ball scarf. I just need something to wear it with. LOL Photos of their booth is below.
Jewelry table.

My husband said "poor deers" because of the crowns.

We parked by this building. Wonderful rusted texture on the sides.

This booth is Paris Montana . They had some cool jewelry. I loved what these two ladies were wearing. You would see ladies all day long wearing fabulous stuff. They were probably going to the prom later that night. We were to tired to come back for it. maybe next time.
Back of ladies shirt.

Found all kinds of neat metal toy trucks! I still remember from a photo of Sally Jean Alexander's studio in Where Women Create of her robins egg blue metal truck. She put glues in hers I think. I never saw a robins egg blue one though or I would have bought it. Love that color!
This was just a cool set up with the lights. Same booth with the metal toy trucks.
Coca Cola sign in Japanese or Chinese. Not sure which since I can't read it. But I am pretty sure that it says Coca Cola.

Several booths when walking around Warrenton.
This was across from Junk Gypsy.
Loved these tassels. Great idea coming on! Have to make some for myself!
I thought it was weird to be selling a casket so I took a photo of it. The arch things above it are fabulous though.
This was a cute booth. Love how they used doors for an archway.
This was where we got cart liners. Really cute ones. They were from Winnie and Tallulah.  Although that is not what the booth was called. I think it was Split pea but I am not for sure. I have seen them at a booth in Winnie and Tallulah.

Well that's it for my trip down South. It was really fun and I highly recommend you going. The show is twice a year, Spring and Fall. Check out this site for more info .