Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More of My Studio

This is how I store my unmounted stamps and also the clear ones. All in CD cases and I got the wooden boxes at Michael's.
Stamps are in plastic drawers on top of this cabinet.
Stamps are in these Iris cart drawers. Two levels in each drawer. As you can see I have lots and lots of stamps.
Better view of punch storage. This sits behind my deck. The otter drawers have fabric in them.

Cube in corner holds 12 X 12 paper. Above that on the wall is where I store my Making Memories paint. I bought these hollow cubes and they fit just perfect in that small space.

8 1/2X 11 paper storage. I think I bought these shelves at Sam's but they don't carry them anymore. I did find some at an office supply store though if you need some.
This wall has these shelves mounted on it that I got at Kmart when they were still open but Container Store carries them also. They hold two level in each drawer of wood mounted stamps. I bought the white cubes at Target and they came with the red canvas drawers. Envelopes are in one drawer and pigment powders are int eh other. Buttons in jars are in one cube, inks in another and one has chipboard letters in jars in it.
The Silver metal drawers have inks, collage stuff and stamps in them. Thay came from Target.
Here is a better view of my embossing powder and ink pad storage. Punches are in the drawers to the left.
Here are my colored pencils. I bought this box at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section and re-painted it. This sits on the desk with my Score-Pal.
This is by the door into the studio. This where some of my beads are stored, Quik Kutz, thread for my sewing machine and stickers and rub-ons. Below in the drawers is color copies or original art to copy, photos and the like stuff.
This is the opposite corner from the door. The big white armour has supplies in it. 81/2 X 11 sized paper stored in cases. My art books are in the corner but you can't really see them. The blue cabinets on the wall are all labeled and store stamps.
This is looking from the door into the room. The window is to the right and stamp storage on the wall to the left. Beads are stored in the red and blue cabinets on the wall by the ART word piece. That's a bodice on the other side of the beads and it has necklaces on it.
Closer view of the beads cabinets and I have a great Row House art piece framed below there. You can sorta see in the corner I have a cube that stores 12 x 12 paper. The table has my sewing machine on it and eyelets and setters and Big Kick machine.
This is the wall behind my desk.
Here is a better view of that wall though. Bulletin board I made from a frame. My ink pads and embossing powders are stored in the cases to the right. I have drawer units against the wall and put markers and jewelry tools on top. For the marker storage I bought a wine bottle holder (metal) and inserted clear drinking glasses from the dollar store in it to hold the markers.

Well this completes the views of my studio. I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Have a great week.


cindy said...

Donna...daaaaang! Gurl, you got some storage and organization going on. And some STUFF! LOL. I love it...I wish you would come over and fix mine that cool too! :D


Stephani Gorman said...

Oh I love your studio! My mom thinks I have alot! No way! You have tons of stuff to play in, and how fun! :) Stephani

Kaz said...

OMG I wanna move in!!! or at the very least can you come and organise me???
your studio is to die for, I just love it. I am inspired to get going on mine now! :)

Charmingdesigns said...

SO THATS WHAT THEY"RE TALKING ABOUT!! Your room is fantastic!! Come fix mine for meeee (whine!) lol.