Friday, April 8, 2011

Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show 1st Installment

Well we had a blast at the show! I highly recommend going. It's a huge one and you will need several days to look around. Lots of walking and the ground is not even all the time. You might be on gravel one minute and grass or sand the next. Check out this link for more info to plan your trip down South. The Fall show is Sept.29th thru Oct. 2nd.

We shopped almost all day of the three days we were there. From like 9:30am to 6:00pm. It was hot and we bought hats the first day to keep the sun off our faces. They helped a bunch. There are tents set up on the land off the Hwy and some buildings. Down in Warrenton it's pretty crowed with booths. One right next to the other. Right next to Hwy 237 and then out in the fields. Round Top has some areas with farms or land separating the areas to shop.

We shopped mostly in Warrenton but did attend another show on Hwy 237 before Round Top (La Bahia). Marburger Farms is one of the shows you pay to go into but really worth it to see the displays in the booths. We did not go into Fayetteville, Shelby or Carmine but there are places there also to shop. Where we were we still did not see it all.

You will find so much stuff it is unreal! If you need furniture and I mean antique pieces, this show is the one to go to. Some items were expensive but there were plenty that were just the right price. I saw some wonderful drawer units that would be great for my studio but I just do not have the room. They would store lots of stuff though! I noticed too that some items (not furniture) were plentiful there but are hard to find here locally. Like small vintage Christmas balls  just to name one. Did not find a baby bed springs, or thick yard sticks. I was looking for both of those items. But I found plenty of stuff. Below are some photos of my stash then some of the things we saw on our adventure. I will post more photos in another post later.

metal tags, metal tape measure
child's costume patterns, spoons, crochet ball, beaded trim, buttons, corks, rhinestone jewelry, wood block stamp, poodle statue (like my baby Duke!), Diane Cook charms check out her blog
doorknobs, scarf, belt with rhinestone crown buckle, hot sauce, pumpkin jelly, cucumber melon loofah soap, bird house for the birds to eat off of, Christmas ornaments, foreign money, metal numbers
paper boy bag with cool linen sack sewn on top, scarf, flower


donnaj said...

pretty amazing there huh?! looks like you came home w/some cool stuff!

Tina said...

Thanks so much for sharing your finds. You have such an eye for finding the coolest stuff. I can't wait to see the creations that come from your goodies!

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Donna & Tina for checking up on me. It really was a fun trip. I would love to go back sometime!