Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show 2nd Installment

Leftovers Antiques  is a great place for vignette ideas. They have some beautiful items in the store and really know how to display them.

These glass globe bottles were just huge on this table. A dramatic setting.  
An apple on top of a derby.

Cool mirrors and bath rub.

 These stars were made from some kind of wood and it reminded me of the beach.

Glass eggs and a velvet bird.

Need a trophy?

Real birds.

Ice cream scoops in a case.

Bath items in great little bags.

Lavender in sachets made from vintage linens.

This soothing lavender bed would be wonderful to sleep in.

Brenham is the little town where we stayed during our trip. There were some great shops downtown to visit. One of them was Beadboard Upcountry This shop had home decor items as well as clothing and linens. The clothing and bed linens are imported from Italy if I remember right. They were beautiful!

Love to sit here and have a long chat with a friend.

This chair was at near their front door and I have never seen a chair cover that is scrunched like this. Wonderful material!

Perched on a high shelf this pillow with fabric flowers was peeking down on the store.

Love this bed!

This pillow was a scrumptious blue color and had swarovski crystals near the trim and buttons.

These flowers were sitting along this staircase outside a building downtown and I thought they were really pretty.

Melody and I ate lunch here and they have the best pie I have ever eaten! I had chocolate and she had kilime. My stuffed avocado was great too and so was her quiche.

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