Saturday, April 23, 2011

Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show 3rd Installment

We had to take time to get some photos of the blue bonnets. These were in Brenham, TX and the last two photos are from Round Top, TX.

Marburger Farm is one of the shows you have to pay to get into. It really is worth it though.  The booths are nicely decorated with vignette displays like you would see in regular stores. They really pay attention to how their merchandise is shown.
Loved the color of this chair! But I didn't buy it. I was good.
This little girly was wonderful. I love the idea.
The crackle finish on this cabinet was gorgeous!

Isn't this a great use of faucet handles?

Lots of the walls in the booths were even taken care of. This whole booth had the vintage ceiling tiles on their walls. I thought this chair was such a contrast in color to this wall. Really pretty.

The wall in this booth was covered in book pages. Great idea! I have seen photos in magazines where a wall in a room was done this way.
Remember this guy? My family would eat at Kips Big Boy when I was a child. Fun memories.

This is Diane Cook and her husband. She had a great booth. Check out her blog . She does fantastic jewelry! If you have a chance to take a class from her jump on it!
Cuff bracelet by Diane
Other pieces of Diane's jewelry.
Wonderful thimble necklace.
Fancy cuff bracelets.
Magnolia Pearl was at Marburger Farm . These photos DO NOT do this booth justice! Their blog has a few pics of the bird cage dress and it's in better light so you can see it. Robin Brown (the owner) was in Stampington & Company magazine "Where Women Create" issue Nov/Dec/Jan 2011. I did not realize until I read the article she is from Bandera , TX. Her clothing has a gypsy kinda theme to it I think. Very comfortable to wear.

Beautiful dresses were made with wire, bodices, and I don't know what else. They were fabulous! The one in the photo above was right outside the booth and this one was inside.

Check out this magnolia flower made from paper. It was huge!! Stuck on a corner of the booth.
This bird cage hung inside the booth from the center of the tent like structure. The structure was constructed of burlap wrapped around wires and it kind of reminded me of dregs. It looked really cool though! Books had been cut into birds and were hanging from the ceiling.
Here is one of the birds made from a book.
This dress has real birds in the skirt cage. It was on the outside of the booth, opposite side from the other dress I showed earlier. The detail on the dresses was wonderful. Whoever thought of the decorations in this booth is VERY VERY creative!! Looked steampunkish! Which is soooo popular now.

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Traci said...

Gosh looks like it was an amazing weekend. I think it's definitely something I need to put on my calendar and take time to do (and obviously save some money to spend as well)! Thanks for sharing the pics - very inspiring.