Thursday, September 1, 2011

Art Group Swaps

The other art group I belong to met last week. The swap theme was buttons. Below is what I ended up making. I took a canvas and spray painted it robin's egg blue. I attached a piece of ledger sheet and then dry brushed gesso on top to tone things down. I added some walnut stain distress ink to the canvas and then I cut a heart from felt and glued on lots of vintage buttons. I attached the heart to the canvas and used a charcoal pencil around the edge and also glued a piece of lace down.

 This was Ros' piece. She made a card and used a vintage button on it. The photo is a relative of hers. Great photo!

 This funny looking thing is Mary's piece. I love it because it looks to me like it's an alien or something! That is a huge button and I love the paper it's mounted on. Bark paper and then a handmade one she made. Great colors on both.

 This cute thing is Joyce's. I love how she used a spool for a vase. Very creative idea. Of course thread in one of my favorite colors is wound on the spool.

 This how I packaged my canvas to give to the girls. A brown sack and I made a special button tag to go with each.

Tags I made.


donnaj said...

cute stuff-love your heart!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi donna!! How are you?? Love your button crafts!

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Donna J. It was fun to make and they loved them.

Donna G.

Art Studio 522 said...

Hey Laurie. Thaks for stopping by my blog. Hope all is well with you in CA. I like looking at all your photos from your day trips with your daughter. There are some fabulous places in CA I would like to see.