Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canton Finds

 I found a few things this past weekend when I went to Canton. The spoons I want to turn into hooks for the wall. I will hammer into the spoons after I flatten them with my metal letter stamps to spell different words. I thought the fabric pumpkins were so cute. Not sure what the little metal round cup thing is. It has a hole in it. I am going to put a nest on it and then a glass cloche on top. I love white pumpkins! This is fake one but that's OK it will last longer than a real one. I am always looking for the old black metal with silver numbers tape measures. They are hard to find. Well I found one. Finally the bag makes a great purse. Not sure what kind of bag it was. Mail or whatever I guess. It's lined with blue ticking material and the leather handles are nice.

 I bought these metal trays at Canton several trips ago. I have been wanting a chalk board to put on the closet door at the end of my hallway. So I attached the two together and painted the chalk paint on the inside of the top one.

 Makes a good magnet too. I had these glass bubble magnets on my fridge so I tried them on the trays and they worked. I wasn't sure if the chalk paint would demagnetize the trays or not.

I bought this ribbon with writing on it this Canton trip. I love it!