Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Pieces of Art

I had two art group meetings this week. So I have some fun pieces to share. My friend Jeanne has gone crazy for crowns! I just love anything she does! She blows me away with her creativity. These fabric crowns are made from various kinds of fabric. The two in the photo above are thicker upholstery type materials.
 These two here are made from t-shirts. Really cool idea!!
 The dark brown crown in this photo is made from a sheer fabric. I forgot what type the other one is made of.

The two photos above are art pieces made by another friend, Donna J.. She used encaustic wax, acrylic paints, oil based paints and collage pictures to create these. They are stunning in person.

 I had to make samples for one of my classes in Kansas so I had left over resin that needed to be used. So the items above are what I came up with. These are all torch fired bezels.
 This was my swap item for one of the meetings (Rubber Banders Art group). I used wooden pumpkins on dowels and covered them with Halloween papers after painting the dowels and sides of the pumpkins orange. Added seam binding ribbon bows and vintage rhinestone buttons to the bows.
 These pieces are what everyone else did for the meeting as their swaps. Traci S. did this necklace above. Copper bezel with a silhouette photo and cracked faux glass on top. Looks spooky!
 Suzie did this cute little cat picture. He is behind glass. She made a stand from a coat hanger and that is very clever.
 Sammie made this adorable paper doll from stamps. His arms and legs move too.
 This was Olga's. Hot glue around the skeleton and she colored it with a Krylon silver pen. There is glass over the skeleton.
 Mary was my guest and she made these wonderful paper wreaths. She worked really hard on the rosettes. It was more work than she thought. LOL
 This is Jeanne's hostess gift. Crepe paper lollie on a dowel with ribbons hanging down and she had paper items at the ends of the ribbons. Great idea.
 Donna J. sewed bags from Halloween material. They are really nice.
 This funky guy is April's creation. He is a bobble head. This took some engineering to make. Who would have thought to use a cupcake stand as the base? But she did!
 Caroline sewed this little fabric wall hanging piece. She is a wonderful sewer. Very neat.
 Denise came up with these ghosts from clay. Very Ghostbusterish!!
 This was our project for the meeting. Traci H. came up with it. She is a wiz at sewing too. These were fun to make. Last year we did a bat so this little guy has a playmate for Halloween at my house. These were the ones Traci did. I did finish mine but have not taken a photo of him since I had this photo of these.
 For my other art group (Hearts & Ho's, don't ask LOL) this was the swap I came up with. A composition journal and then covered it with papers and made a flower from burlap. The theme for the swap was flowers. I got these journals at Target, all three for 65 cents! What a bargain!!
This wonderful thing is Rosalyn's piece for the swap. I love it! Very creative idea to take Edger Allen Poe's poem The Raven and type it up and print it out then stamp some spooky images on the pages. The cover which is what the photo to the left is, she wrote out on a ledger paper she copied then stamped blood splatters and added the glittered bird to the front.  It is bradded all together at the top. The photo below is a page inside with the poem on it. She also gave us a cute black metal sign shaped like a tombstone with a bird on top of it. You can kind of see it behind the piece in the photo.

 These two items in this picture are Joyce's and Mary's pieces. Joyce cut the flower from metal on a die cut machine. Love that idea! I hope she gets me the die for my birthday this year! Mary was tired and could not get her brain to work. So she bought these little sunflower bags. She did stamp the tags though. She is sooo funny!!
Our project for this meeting was to make a nest from shredded paper, glue and water. It was fun!!! I used old ledger papers and kraft colored braille papers for mine. I added the feathers after it had dried. I think it came out pretty good. I would like to make a few more in my spare time. What is spare time?
These fabulous creations are for one of my classes in Kansas the weekend of November 5th. I will be teaching how to make a soldered crown. More info on the classes later but I wanted to show these. I just finished them today. I also will be teaching this same class at Stamp Asylum in November. No date yet though. We have not got the schedule done out that far yet. Anyway, I added these vintage rhinestone buttons to the peaks on the crowns. Also, I added wire spirals to the sides of the outside peaks. The one crown has a vintage rhinestone pin attached to the front. These babies are very elegant indeed!

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Barbara said...

Wow! Lots of cool eye candy Donna. Those crowns are all gorgeous. I love Halloween stuff, I think it is my favorite to decorate for. I just unpacked my Martha Stewart silhouettes of bats, crows, and rats. Off to Michaels to see what new Halloween Martha might have.

Your paper nest is just delightful. Hope you have a sample of it in the store so I can see it next time I come up.

Barb in Austin.