Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowflake & Valentine Party

Welcome to the event I planned for a friend of mine (Carla). I decorated the game room at her place of work on January 7th. I placed this large plastic snowflake on the door so it was the first thing the ladies saw when they arrived.
 This photo shows most of the room. I hung foam snowflakes from the ceiling over a few of the tables and in front of the mirror. You can see the decorations and such up close in a previous post I have made. It was really fun to design all the decorations and the classes for this event. I would love to do other things similar to this.
 This was the scrapbook page table. The ladies constructed five different pages for this class.

 This is the table they sewed their garlands on and made the doily one also. They really enjoyed sewing. One of them said she was going to go home and get her daughter's machine out to use. Another one said she loved these garlands so much she wanted to make them for all the different holidays.
 This was the table we ate at through out the day. The cupcakes and snacks were divine!
Center piece for table.
 This table was used for the canvas class. Their creations were all different and they loved playing with the paint and stencils a lot.
 I used this table for the desserts and party favors. They loved the Valentine socks I packed in the paper mache boxes. In the bags on the floor I included scrapbook supplies and some note cards.


 Corner of dessert table. I made bows from tulle and glued a snowflake in the center. Then just pinned them to the tablecloth. Easy but cute!

 Hanging flakes from the ceiling with tulle bows and paper garlands draped above the mirror.

Sugar Cookies
Janet with her doily garland.
Carla sewing her punch garland.
Finished garlands stretched out on the floor.
Renna working away on a page.

 The ladies at the scrapbook page table. I think this might be the only photo I got of Renna looking up at the camera. She was always concentrating on her project! LOL

Carla working on her canvas.
Janet's Canvas
Carla's Canvas
Renna's Canvas

The ladies had a wonderful time that day. They were impressed with how much work I put into the event and the projects they did. I was so happy they were happy!! I was also so grateful I took the online Spark Your Christmas Class from Margie Romney Aslett in December. You can still take the class, go to here and take a look  http://margieromney-aslett.typepad.com/im_just_a_girl/2011/11/spark-your-christmas.html . I am telling you it is well worth it!! I just used her inital ideas for decorations and such and added my own twist, changed the colors somewhat and a different theme. She is now doing a Valentine online class too. Go here to see about it http://www.margieromney-aslett.typepad.com/ . She is fabulous!!!


Goldie said...

ohh my goodness you did such a great job!

Art Studio 522 said...

Thanks Goldie for checking things out on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Donna Goss