Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Class I Took

I will post more photos of Paper Cowgirl later but these are photos of what I made in the class I took while there. It was Sandra Feazel's class. Really had fun working with wax and lucious fabrics! The little photos are on cut up book covers. What a great idea! Dipped in the wax or paint it on the wax and add acrylic paint. I stamped in the wax while it was warm and it left a texture. So cool! Sandra's samples were small to be used as necklaces but I thought why not make them bigger and they can be used on a canvas or hung on these cute hangers.

I decided to use what I learned in the class for my swap project for one of my art group meetings. This is what I cane up with. The theme is white, so I used shades of the color and added a little brown in to go with the photo. Which by the way is a photo of one of my Grandfathers with his brothers.

Here are some of the students projects. There were some very creative things done. I wish I could remember whose was whose project. LOL
Sandra and Jill's (teachers)

Sandra & Jill's





our kits, sooo cute!

These two are so fun!! Tammy is the sweetest lady and Nicki is a hoot!
This is me and Amy Boland. When I was introduced to her I kept thinking "where do I know that name from?" Then later someone ask me what the photographers name was from San Antonio, and it hit me! That's why I knew her name. She has photographed Magnolia Pearl and several other things in the stamping art world! http://www.amybolandphotography.com/

More later on the class I taught. I am still going through my photos. Have a great week.


donnaj said...

the pictures don't do your pieces justice! they are much more stunning in person~esp. the red!

Cindy said...

Everything was so much fun. I always hate that i don't get to actually sit down and take a class...it just rarely happens, but allays love to see everyone's spin on things.

And Amy is such a sweetie! We got the chance to hang out with her and her Mom on Sat. Was a blast.