Sunday, December 23, 2012

House Mouse Card January 2013 and Some Art

 Here is the January 2013 card for House Mouse. He is starting the year off right eating a donut with sprinkles!
side view of house bezel
I took an online solder course to learn how to do this cool texture. Thespeona McLaughlin is the teacher and if you can take the class I highly recommend it. She shows you how to make bezels, use ice resin and how to do the texture. Plus wire wrapping.

front view of house bezel
 This is just a sample that I was playing with but I really liked the texture and I added a button inside but filled the bezel up with the ice resin. Thespeona doesn't fill over the rhinestones, she only fills up to them. She thinks the resin dulls the rhinestones. I ended up with some bubbles in my resin but I was just playing around so it's not that big of a deal on this piece.

 A friend of mine has been playing around with joint compound on hard cradle boards. So I tried my hand at it this week. These two pieces are for my Mother-in-Law and my Husband. My Father-in-Law passed away in June this year so I thought they would like pieces done with his pictures. He was in the army and stationed in Germany. That is where he met my Mother-in-Law. She is German and my Husband was born there. The piece below is for him and his Father is holding him as a baby.

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very cool, Donna!