Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Bed and Linens

I took down my black metal canopy bed and bought a new bed frame. Still looking for a headboard I like. Want a fireplace surround but have not found one I could afford yet. LOL I already had the framed mirror on the wall so I left it up. Sorta makes for a headboard in the meantime.
close-up of bed

Christmas Eve I finished a bed skirt to extend down to the floor. The ruffled one wasn't long enough since I raised the bed up. I used the selvage edge of the material around the bottom. I thought it gave a nice look. Plus I only had to hem the top which is always a plus, especially when the fabric you use is slippery and wants to move all over the place when sewing.

Yesterday, I finished this pillow using the same material as the bed skirt. I coffee dyed the small lace trim and the ruffled one to give a vintage look. I definitely am not a sewer like my Mom and Grandmother, but I did all right!


Traci said...

Look at you go, you crafty girl! Looks great!

donnaj said...

pretty, and no need to look for a headboard, make one. :)