Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blair's First Plane Ride

Last Saturday I took Blair on his first airplane ride. He had never been in a plane before and has always wanted to fly. So for his birthday I booked a SURPRISE private plane ride for him out of Addison Airport. Boy was he ever surprised! And nervous! But in the end he was so amazed and loved it! I even loved it. I had not been in a plane this small (4 seater) before. It was like being one with the plane. It was a smooth ride though for the most part.
Blair is flying the plane here. The pilot let him turn the plane by himself and fly a few mintues. Really COOL! He was a nice person and Blair and him hit it off great.

Downtown Dallas

Reunion Tower

Our house is in that little cove on the left. My photos of "over" our house came out kinda blurry and it's hidden by tons of trees. We could really just see the top of the house and two of our vehicles in the driveway. It's funny because our cove really looked smaller from overhead than it is when your in it. LOL I almost missed it when first looking for it. The houseboat parked in the cove helped me find it though.


Traci said...

What fun and what a super way to spend a very special birthday! Happy Birthday to your little boy. Mine will be 16 in 36 days so I need to get planning!

Corina Ogan said...

Wow, what a thing to surprise your boy with! I think your son is incredibly lucky. He can officially count himself in a relatively short list of people who can say that their first time ever in a plane was in a PRIVATE plane! Glad to hear you both enjoyed the experience. It’s cool how you were able to fly over your house and get pictures of it (even if they DID come out blurry). That’s a side of a house not many people get to see!