Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Collage on Wood

I learned a new paint technique at my rubber stamp club meeting this month. We used Gesso to prepare the wood for the paint and attached torn dictionary pages, letters or whatever paper item you wanted to the wood. Placed masking tape strips randomly over the papers burnished them down then ripped them off. It removes some of the writing and such of the papers. Really cool technique. I had previously learned this in one of Claudine Hellmuth's books. But when combined with the paint technique it is wonderful. We applied the paint then spritz water on it and dabbed with a paper towel. It lifts the paint and you can see below what was there. Either papers or another paint color. It was fun. I did the small bird piece at the meeting then came home and did the larger piece. It was a cabinet door that I purchased at Canton several months back.

Speaking of's this coming weekend. I plan on going with some friends. I know it will be very HOT! Especially since we have had temps in the 100's lately. Last week was the worst yet. The store I work at had Tim Holtz in to teach for the weekend. We told him it was hot and humid and we proved it for sure. His classes went well and all the students seemed to have a good time. He is a fabulous teacher! Check out his blog to see some photos from one of the classes.

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cindy said...

These really turned out great! So did you go to Canton...I thought about it, but too dang hot! :D

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