Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Baby Turns 16 Today

My son turned 16 today. Wow where has the time gone? He is the little blonde guy in the photo above and now he is a tall and dark headed soon to be Junior in high school! The above photo was taken at Port Aransas on his 6th birthday with cousins. Below, here he is this past weekend with a few of the same cousins. They have grown up too.

His grandparents bought him a car for his birthday. Lucky him for sure! I just had to put a bow on top of it even though he has had the car several weeks and he picked it out. 2003 Grand Prix GTP Coupe and it's Indigo Blue. He loves it!

I almost forgot to make him a card for the special occasion. I remembered at 11:30pm last night. Well I had an excuse...I was seeing Harry Potter last night! One of my longtime friends works for Cinemark and she invited me as her guest to a special screening before it hit the theaters today. A rude awakening for me was that usually Blair goes with me to see them. He always has gone to the screenings with me and this time he didn't want to go. He had plans to see it today with a friend and of course he would have his license and I didn't have to go with him. Heartbreak for me but I will get over it. He is growing up!!

Here is the card that I made at midnight last night.

I got him a cookie because he doesn't like cake. I also took him to lunch at the restaurant at Bass Pro Shop (Islamorada Fish Co.) so he could eat crab. His new love all of a sudden.
The day started off with going to get his license and that went smoothly. Of course me being traditional I wanted to take him to the DPS where me, his Dad and everyone else we know got our license. Well he wanted to go to the one in Rockwall and not have to wait forever! I WON and we went early to the one I wanted. Better keep Mother happy! We didn't have to wait long (like 40 minutes).
As we were leaving the parking lot he rolled up the window of his car on my side (we cracked it because it was getting hot) and it popped so loud I thought the glass broke. Well guess what? The regulator went out in the window and the glass would not stay up in the door! Called my husband and he said you will have to bring it down to my work to get it fixed. Just what we wanted to do on Blair's birthday! LOL Picked up the part at an auto supply then ran over to Dad's work and only had to stay there an hour or so. It wasn't as bad time wise as we thought. It just put us about an hour or two behind schedule. But in the end everything worked out OK.

Now Blair has to get a job. He is looking forward to having his own money and of course already has a list of things he wants to buy. I look forward to not having to put gas in his car or pay for when he wants to do something! LOL


Traci said...

Lucky kiddo and a super cool car! Love the huge cookies - so yummy. The card is really neat, Donna. Sounds like you two had an adventure you will not soon forget.

Marianne said...

ohhhh, Donna, I can relate! Drew will be 16 August 20th, and the not wanting to go to movies with mom and dad has been in place for while! Somehow, when HP came out this summer, he was pretty bored, so he decided he would just go with us...usually a family tradition to see HP! But I know what you mean....they grow up fast!!!