Monday, July 6, 2009

Canton Finds

Went to Canton yesterday with one of my friends. She found a great old post office mail sorter. She will be able to stash all kinds of items in the slots. I found this green carpenters ruler. I had never seen a green one. Had to have it!
The last time I was at Canton I saw wind chimes made from silver tea pots, tea cups and silverware. I wanted to make one but didn't find a tea pot. This time I saw this silver gravy boat and thought it would make a great wind chime. It did make a great one! I put it together last night with fishing string and beads. All I had to do was drill holes into the silver pieces. Not a problem with my dremel. I hung it this morning in my backyard. My son said it look like ghetto redneck trash. So much for his opinion on! I lOVE it!!!


Traci said...

Looks wonderful, Donna! And I think the gravy boat is the perfect replacement for a hard-to-find teapot!

cindy said...

LOL...grt...will have to remember that one. LOVE the green yardstick (ruler).

yapping cat

Vicki said...

I think the gravy boat is wonderful. Gives me an idea for the one in my china, it would get more visual than it does now. As always, you are arting things up that no one thinks of.